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Seagate® Lyve Drive™ Shuttle

Broadfield Distributing Inc. is your source for the exciting new Seagate Lyve Drive Shuttle. A revolutionary Solution to  help you efficiently and cost effectively move data around your enterprise, cloud, and edge. 

Your data workflow just got easier with the Seagate® Lyve Drive™ Shuttle

  • Easily ingest data from all types of storage devices – direct-attached, network-attached, and external storage devices

  • Securely transfer and ship up to 16TB of data, even in bandwidth restricted use cases

  • Experience true simplicity without a PC using the drag-and-drop features of the built in touch screen

  • Have peace of mind that your data is safe and secure with securely encrypted data that is transported in a durable, rugged container

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Let’s get started by learning more about your use for the Seagate® Lyve Drive™ Shuttle. We will immediately provide great information including the datasheet and workflow examples and our sales team will be in touch ASAP.